The perfect or ideal translation does not exist. However, the English language is rich enough to yield a translation that comes close to fulfilling its purpose in English as well as the original does in Dutch.

Even so, I believe the search for a better version to be a worthwhile endeavour in itself, which is why my translations go through three drafts.

The first draft aims at capturing the context, meaning, tone, and inflection of the original.

With the second, I am considering the reader, and addressing matters of clarity, style and coherence. A work in translation should be a beautiful document in itself, not merely a shadow of the original.

Finally, I have it proofread by a bi-lingual colleague with whom I work regularly, because a fresh pair of eyes is often more valuable than we think.

What I translate

I translate Standard Dutch (also known as Standaardnederlands or Algemeen Nederlands) into natural-sounding British English, and have translated for clients working in the fields of art and culture, marketing and academia.